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Chemical Peels - Frisco, Denton & Carrollton TX

Want to improve the look of your skin?  Chemical peels may be the answer.

Chemical peels can help the following:

  1. Melasma (excess pigment sometimes called the mask of pregnancy)
  2. Acne
    1. Comedonal (white heads and/or blackheads)
    2. Inflammatory (red bumps and pustules)
  3. Post acne pigmentation
  4. Textural irregularities
  5. Pigmented spots or irregular pigment
  6. Freckles
  7. Lentigines
  8. Fine superficial wrinkling

Chemical peels can be in one of three categories: 1) Superficial, 2) Medium, and 3) Deep.  The depth of the peel determines the patient’s inconvenience during and after the procedure, the healing time, potential adverse effects and the results.  The results can include improved appearance of your skin, fewer wrinkles and/or acne, and decreased pigment or textural irregularities.

To discuss your skin and chemical peels further, please call our office now for your appointment at 972-335-2727 (Frisco) or 940-312-6767 (Denton).


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