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Finding a Dermatologist in Dallas

Friday, July 07, 2017

finding a dermatologist

Finding a Dermatologist in Dallas

The availability of medical spas, dermatologist, face therapists, estheticians, doctors and a plethora of other face and skin related specialists are sometimes overwhelming in Dallas today. At our fingertips, we have access to the top doctors and dermatologists in their fields of study, all promising to promote skin health and clear complexion longevity. Precisions Dermatology in Frisco, Carrollton, and Dallas provides dermatology care to residents of Dallas through five different specialists in dermatology.

When searching for a dermatologist, it can be helpful to be specific with your search and seek those out who specializes in what you are looking for. Cosmetic dermatology, pediatric dermatology, and surgical dermatology can all be practiced and specialized by the dermatologist who is right for you.

What to Look for in a Dermatologist:

  1. Know the types – A general dermatologist will treat rashes, acne, and rosacea, skin exams for questionable moles are typically done by a general dermatologist, along with concerns about thinning hair or eczema. A cosmetic dermatologist will assist in deep scars, wrinkles, injections, lasers, and peels.
  2. Check their bios – All doctors on My Derm Consults have their bio listed on the website, in checking, look for board certification from the American Academy of Dermatology.
  3. Go for a consult – Most doctors charge for a consultation, but often that fee is put toward the cost of a procedure. It is a good sign if you have to wait several weeks for a consultation; the doctor is in demand and their services are sought after.
  4. Listen up – When you meet for the first time, let your dermatologist know your concerns and listen to how they plan on addressing the issues. This will give you a sense of their opinions, aesthetic philosophy and an idea of how aggressive their treatment plans typically are.
  5. Ask the right questions – You want a dermatologist that is consistent in their practice and treatment methods. They should own and not rent their laser machine to showcase the amount of use it receives. Ask if the doctor is always hands-on, that is a huge plus and what you want!
Finding a dermatologist in Dallas is made easy when you know the things to look for and know what specialty you are looking for. The difference in cosmetic and general dermatology will allow you to hone in on the practices and treatments you should seek for your complexion and skin care issues.    

How Quickly Can a Dermatologist Clear Your Skin

Friday, July 07, 2017

clear skin fast

How Quickly Can A Dermatologist Clear Your Skin

Your face is typically the first impression and a major recognition marker for everyone you meet. Having a complexion that is clear, confident and blemish free is unfortunately not a guarantee for everyone. With the help of dermatologists and products that treat and prevent blemishes and dark spots, we are able to successfully create clear complexions in a reasonable amount of time. 

Understanding the root cause of your pore problems is a major component in allowing dermatologists to diagnose and ultimately treat your complexion woes. As certain treatments and methods of care can differentiate between causes, a correct diagnosis is beneficial in treating a flawed complexion. Dermatologists are able to determine a cause for breakouts, dark spots, imperfections and more by learning your history, medications, and routines to piece together your best course of action. Submitting yourself to a course of treatment allows your complexion to rid itself of toxins and treat itself from the inside and outside out. This process allows for noticeable results that progress daily.

A dermatologist uses methods in clinic combined with take home methods to increase the longevity of your cleared complexion. Developing habits at home in sync with your dermatologist’s office visits allows the highest chance of a perfectly cleared complexion. Your cleared complexion relies heavily on the take home methods a dermatologist will recommend as treatment. In office visits are great opportunities for your dermatologist to administer injections or treatments that require professional mechanisms. Dermatology Consults of Frisco specializes in treatments of the complexion such as;

In searching for a dermatologist, or treatment option for your chronic bad skin, you may find yourself searching for a ‘quick fix’. The temptation for a quick fix is heightened by our desire to look our best all the time, and the belief that a quick fix is always going to work. Although a quick fix seems tempting and the best option for guaranteeing beautiful skin, learning the root cause of your pore problems will increase the longevity of your beautiful skin. Dermatologists look beyond your face to target the specific hormones that create collisions in your complexion. This is why determining the root cause of your skin issues is the most important factor in your treatment plan timeline.

In Frisco, dermatologists play a major role in the overall health and care of all skin types. When asking your dermatologist how quickly you can expect to clear your complexion, be prepared to create a timeline that includes in office visits and at home treatments. 

How Dermatologists Can Make Wrinkles Fade

Friday, July 07, 2017

How Dermatologists Can Make Wrinkles Fade

The age-old question is literally just that, how do we prevent ourselves from aging and looking old? Wrinkles are the epitome of a life lived, age and a changing face. While wrinkles can be embraced and loved by many people, most of us want to alleviate our wrinkle woes and create a fresh, young appearance no matter our age. A dermatologist can provide tools and treatments for the fading of wrinkles and fine lines, along with creams for the prevention of further wrinkles.

Dermatologists today might be considered magicians of a sort, with the ability to radically reverse the signs of aging in sometimes a matter of minutes. These quick, comfortable procedures leave you looking brighter, tighter and a few years younger than you actually are. There are an array of medical and non-medical treatments recommended by dermatologists for the in office and at home treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. Determining your plan of action with your dermatologist will be based on the extent and invasiveness of procedures you would like to complete.

When first visiting a dermatologist to determine how to alleviate and get rid of your wrinkles, they will first ask you questions to decipher the best course of action for your face, neck, and body.

Fading Wrinkles:

  1. Changing lifestyle – In treating wrinkles, it is important to learn how to prevent them from forming. Regular applications of sun cream and the use of hats and sunglasses will help to prevent face wrinkles from occurring in daily sun exposure.
  2. Create a proper skin care routine – A skin care routine that focuses on gentle cleansers, a hydrating moisturizer, eye cream and wrinkle serum will aid in the prevention of wrinkles and can sometimes assist in the fading of wrinkles.
  3. Anti-aging treatments – Over-the-counter serums as well as potent prescription grade anti-aging treatment options are lamenting their spot on the non-surgical side of treatments. Peptides, stem cells, alpha hydroxy acids, and retinoids are all major players in the anti-aging game and can be prescribed by a dermatologist today.
  4. Medical treatment – Botox is the most popular and well-known cosmetic treatment to get rid of more stubborn wrinkles than any anti-aging cream or serum. Botox, while it may seem intense, is really not that complicated and is administered by a medical professional in your dermatologist’s office.

Understanding how to safely fade and prevent future wrinkles is a process that most of us want to be a part of. With the consistent information and availability of products by different brands, there will always be a new trend in fading wrinkles. Your dermatologist serves as the best indicator for understanding what wrinkle fading treatment will be completely effective for your face and neck. 

How to Spot Early Signs of Skin Cancer on Moles

Friday, July 07, 2017

Worried about a mole? 

The finding of an unusual mark, lump, blemish, mole, sore or any changes in the way an area of skin looks is usually a cause for a scare in people. The look and feel of skin blemishes and markings can determine whether or not you should seek attention from your doctor or dermatologist. Monitoring areas of your skin that are prone to sun exposure or you have previously had a mole or skin check done can help to prevent the growth and continuation of moles and the associated cancers that go along with a mole.

If you are worried about a mole, there are specific signs to look for before completely freaking out and requiring medical assistance to alleviate your mole concerns. Your dermatologist can offer treatment plans and in most cases get rid of moles on your first office visit. In the hot Texas sun, we run the risk of being exposed to multiple forms of skin cancers that are brought on by the sun and various forms of sun and heat exposure. Dermatology 

Consults of Frisco provides resources and treatments for moles, markings, blemishes, and patches of skin that cause worry.

The ABCDE is a great guide and resources to the usual signs of melanoma. Be on the lookout for these, and monitor and spots that have any of the following features:

A is for Asymmetry: One-half of a mole or birthmark does not match the other.

B is for Border: The edges are irregular, ragged, notched or blurred.

C is for Color: The color is not the same all over and may include different shades of brown or black, or sometimes with patches of pink, red, white or blue.

D is for Diameter: The spot is larger than 6 millimeters across (about ¼ inch – the size of a pencil eraser), although melanomas can sometimes be smaller than this.

E is for Evolving: The mole is changing in size, shape or color.

Some melanomas or moles may not specifically follow these rules. You know your body better than anyone else, so it is important to tell your doctor or dermatologist about new spots on the skin, or growths that look different from the rest of your moles.

Additional Warning Signs:

  1. A sore that doesn’t heal – sometimes moles start off looking like sore wounds.

  2. The Spread of pigment – changing of the border or surrounding skin should be noted.

  3. Redness – new swelling beyond the border of the mole is a warning sign.

  4. Change in sensation – itchiness, tenderness or pain should be taken seriously.

  5. Change in the surface – scaliness, oozing, bleeding or the appearance of a lump or bump needs to be brought up.

Understanding your body and your own warning signs for moles will be the best protector against skin cancer this summer and all year round. Following up with regular visits to your dermatologist to monitor and consult on your skin conditions will assist in the prevention and treatment of moles becoming melanomas. 

How Dermatologist Treats Acne Scars

Monday, June 12, 2017

How Dermatologist Treats Acne Scars 

Whether you faced acne as a teenager, or later on in life; the dreaded scars that come as the embarrassing evidence of acne on your face are a major self-conscious aspect for men and women. Dermatologists are constantly educating patients and providing solutions for the treatment and prevention of acne, but what happens when those acne scars are left behind in the wake of a successful treatment plan? 

In modern medicine, the innovations far outweigh the shortcomings of solutions and resources available for both doctors and patients in the treatment of a wide range of medical and cosmetic issues. Before seeking treatment for the repair of acne scars, you and your doctor should come up with a plan of treatment for your existing acne if any, or the prevention of further acne. While there are many myths about the treatment and naturalization of acne in our bodies and on our faces, the number one myth that doctors want patients to stop believing is that allowing acne to run its course is the best option. By seeking treatment for chronic acne, you are allowing your body access to medicines and solutions that can clear up lesions, reduce the risk of permanent scaring and improve your self-esteem. 

Acne scar treatment and acne scar repair can sometimes be daunting and nerve-inducing for patients who believe that the face is a first and lasting impression. Sometimes, traditional skin care and following all of the recommended guidelines for the care and treatment of your skin is not enough and the use of a specialized skin doctor is required to treat and prevent acne from spreading and persisting. Dermatology Consults are skin doctors in Frisco that provide precision dermatology to patients who require treatment and medications for their skin issues. 

There are various treatments available as technology and medicine improves to lessen or totally remove the appearance of acne scars. When meeting with a precision dermatologist at Dermatology Consults, patients are assessed based on the severity of acne scaring, tolerance for specific medications, therapies or procedures and simply their overall opinion or preference on the extent of treatment they seek. Various treatments for acne scaring are necessary as not all acne scaring presents itself in the same shape or form on individual patients. Acne scars can be depressed due to the loss of tissue or can be raised due to excess tissue in the form of scars. Acne can leave colored spots in the form of hyper pigmentation or can result in purplish, pink or even dark brown or tan spots. 

While proper treatment for your existing acne will minimize scaring, the addition of dermatological procedures to your skin care regimen will help further minimize acne scaring. Dermabrasion treatments, chemical peels, dermal filler injections, laser resurfacing and light therapies are some of the most sought after treatments of patients suffering from acne scaring. When seeking additional treatments for your acne scars, make sure to ask your dermatologist any and all questions that you have and be upfront and honest with your concerns over treatment. 

Removing Stretch Marks the Right Way!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Removing Stretch Marks the Right Way 

In changing bodies of both men and women there are few experiences more frustrating than the realization that your long legs suffered came with a few stretch marks on the tops of the thighs or that baby you grew for nine months left you with a few unwanted reminders. While many women love their growing bellies and the stretch marks that remind them of the miracle of life, there are several other occasions in which stretch marks show themselves and people are not as fond of them. 

Stretch mark removal is available for patients who are looking to lessen the marks associated with stretch marks and dark or light lines in areas of rapid growth. Common areas for stretch marks are the upper thighs, under arms and biceps, and most commonly, stomachs on expectant mothers. Stretch marks should not be associated with a lack of health or a bad diet, but the common factor of skin and bodies changing and growing. 

In removing stretch marks, it is important and necessary for patients to understand individual treatments plans and procedures and to trust the Doctor they are going with. Dermatology Consults in Frisco work with board-certified dermatologists such as Dr. Weisberg, to provide the safest and most effective treatment of stretch marks through laser treatments. In understanding the simplicity, yet the severity of laser treatments and how they interact with our individual bodies and temperaments, it is important to follow with your gut feeling in choosing a dermatologist that is well versed in all medical procedures. 

The Fraxel treatment is a procedure provided at Dermatology Consults of Frisco that serves to provide a cosmetic improvement to the overall appearance and functionality of our skin. Fraxel does, literally what it’s namesake suggests, and fractionates a laser beam into thousands of microscopic laser columns, to generally allow for better results with fewer side effects. In understanding the use of a laser on such a precious surface as our skin, it is helpful to feel at ease and comfortable with the doctor of your choice in skin care. Stretch mark removal by laser treatment may seem as though it is a scary procedure, yet a board-certified dermatologist has had multiple experiences in dealing with medical procedures that involve tools and lasers far above our knowledge level. 

The FDA has approved Fraxel use in the United States and with treatment from Dr. Weisberg at the Dermatology Consults; any and all specific concerns are reviewed during your consultation. Maintaining a skin care regimen is the best bet for creating a youthful appearance without cosmetic abrasions, yet in the case of our bodies making their own decisions sometimes, we have no control over the dispersing of stretch marks. Finding a solution to the removal of stretch marks has been a saving grace for many men and women who are seeking alternatives to over-the-counter creams and lotions that offer little results. 

How Botox helps in more ways than one!

Friday, June 02, 2017

Botox has the reputation of being the quick fix for aging starlets hoping to fight the onset of wrinkles. It’s Hollywood that brought big attention to the world of botox treatments and has lead to misconceptions of Botox’s many uses. The everyday person tends to think of botox being used only for cosmetic treatments, but the truth is, Botox has been used for medical purposes for years. While it’s highly effective for reducing wrinkles and lines in the face as well as potentially increasing elasticity in the skin, it’s also become a well-respected medical treatment in the world of healthcare.


There are several conditions that Botox has been known to treat effectively when administered professionally. The FDA has approved Botox for treating several ailments and more uses are being researched every day. Receiving Botox injections in Frisco can help you restore the youth to your skin and help you manage symptoms of some troublesome conditions.


Chronic Migraines


People with chronic migraines have come to find that Botox treatments can relieve them of their symptoms. Research is still being done on just how Botox relieves migraine symptoms, but the treatment has been approved for use since 2010 with ongoing positive results. Some experts theorize that the paralysis caused by the drug might stop sensory nerves from sending off signals to the brain. Some believe the results may actually be a placebo effect. Regardless of the source, chronic migraine sufferers who receive Botox treatments can expect results to last up to 3 months and will find themselves experiencing less frequent and less severe migraines.


Overactive Bladder


Botox has shown to be a highly effective treatment for overactive bladders. Urologists have found that the effects of Botox can reduce the frequency of leaks and bathroom trips for those with incontinence. In a clinical study, just one shot was able to provide ongoing relief for up to a year in a third of the patients treated. The FDA has approved Botox as a safe and useful alternative to anticholinergic medication for patients that are unable to use this medication or have not seen adequate results from it.


Excessive Sweating


Excessive sweating is a nuisance no one wants to deal with, but luckily, your dermatologist in Frisco can lend a hand with botox treatments. Excessive sweating, or severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis, is often treated with topical medications. Botox provides ongoing effects for up to two years through four or fewer injections. These treatments have to lead to a 75% reduction in sweat for 82% of participants in studies. Botox creates an option for patients who want long lasting results without continuous upkeep.


Thanks to continuing studies, getting botox injections in Frisco can mean more than regaining a gorgeous, youthful complexion. As medical studies progress, more uses for Botox, such as prostate reduction and severe neck spasms, are being discovered and tested for FDA approval. Contact Dermatology Consultants for a consultation to plan your botox treatments. Whether you’re restoring your skin or wanting to learn more about the uses for Botox, Dermatology Consultants can be your guides in deciding what treatments are right for you.

Laser Hair Removal in Frisco TX!

Friday, June 02, 2017

Luckily, you can cut back on the amount of time spent on upkeep for your body hair through laser hair removal in Frisco with Dermatology Consultants. Laser hair removal is the best way to achieve smooth, hairless skin with results that last. It’s a fast-acting procedure with minimal discomfort that can be used on any problem area on your skin. With laser removal, there’s no lumps, bumps or rashes. In just a few treatments, you can get hairless, smooth skin long term.


Because laser hair removal is still relatively new to many people, the concern about what to expect can be a source of anxiety. While many know about the application of lasers during surgery, the process for hair removal is still an unknown for those not as familiar with hair removal treatments. It may sound painful or risky when you first look into the process, but laser hair removal is very safe when working with a reputable dermatologist like Dr. Weisberg and, for many people, the laser treatment is barely felt even without numbing cream.

Before Treatment:

Before treatment begins, you might have longer hair on the area trimmed shorter with a pair of scissors to prepare for treatment. Depending on what area is being treated, you may also need to strip down and wear a robe as you would for a massage. To protect your eyes from the light of the laser, you will be given the same type of protective glasses you’ll see your Frisco dermatologist wearing. Finally, before the procedure begins, your dermatologist will rub a topical numbing agent to the area being treated to keep discomfort to a minimum. Your dermatology consultant will help guide you through this preparation process to keep you comfortable and aware of every step.


Your dermatologist will pass a laser tool over the area being treated, pressing it against the skin and doing several sweeps. A cooling gel or tip on the tool will likely be used to prevent any potential discomfort or irritation from the heat of the tool. Depending on the size of the area, treatments can take a few minutes or a few hours and, typically, 3-6 treatments will be needed to get the best results. You can expect to make appointments for follow-up treatments before leaving the office for the day. Follow-up treatments are done after the skin has healed.

After Laser Treatment 

Your skin will undergo some irritation within the first few hours following treatment. Typically, the skin will be red, swell, and have touch sensitivity during this time. If you have a reaction to the laser immediately following the treatment, the dermatologist will apply a topical steroid treatment to manage symptoms. After this, a patient can expect sun sensitivity and hair shedding in the affected area. Avoid exposing the treated skin to sunlight and tanning beds while the skin heals and make sure to always apply quality sunscreen to the skin when outside.


Dermatology Consultants’ Dr. Weisberg will guide you through the entire procedure with expert advice and clear instructions. Dr. Weisberg is a well respected dermatologist in Frisco that has treated many people in the area with laser hair removal. Dr. Weisberg is happy to answer questions and address concerns as patients have them. To set up a consultation with Dr. Weisberg and learn more about Dermatology Consultants’ treatments for laser hair removal in Frisco, call 972.335.2727 today and schedule an appointment!

Skin Cancer Screening

Monday, May 08, 2017

We want to thank Dr. Chris Hixon, Dr. Eric Weisberg and Rachel Reid, PA-C for donating their time last weekend to see patients for the DFW city wide free skin cancer screening which took place in Frisco at Medical City Frisco.  The skin cancer screening is designed to help see those without health insurance and those without means to see a dermatologist in efforts to catch skin cancers like melanoma earlier before they become life threatening.

Dr. Chris Hixon, Dr. Eric Weisberg and Rachel Reid, PA-C, found multiple skin cancers and pre-cancers during the skin cancer screening that may have gone undiagnosed.

Giving back to the community and to those less fortunate is an important mission of our practice and our providers.  Dr. Weisberg has been a participant in these skin cancer screenings since 2004 and previously was in charge of the entire effort across the DFW metroplex for many years.  We believe that by helping our community, we make it stronger and a better place to live.

"I want to thank Dr. Hixon and Rachel Reid for donating their time and expertise to such an important cause.  They both touch lives in so many ways and I was honored that they joined me to help in this important endeavor," said Dr. Weisberg.

To schedule an appointment at our regular offices, please scroll to the top of the page and click on "Book an appointment by location" or call us at 972-335-2727.

Precision Dermatology - Denton TX

Friday, April 14, 2017

Dermatologist in Denton TX

Precision Dermatology is a skin care clinic located in Denton, TX, helping serve patients in their area in our skin care clinic. We offer comprehensive dermatology services for our patients, including general, surgical, pediatric, and cosmetic care, helping serve your entire family under one roof. Our Denton location is conveniently located at 2435 W. Oak Street, Suite 102, Denton, TX 76201.

Our passion comes in serving our patients with high quality service and care, helping them feel comfortable in our offices. We know that every person we treat has their own unique situation, which is why we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, crafting a customized plan for you. We do this through one-on-one care with a physician that you can trust, as our doctors are trained through some of the best programs in the nation. 

We offer many general skin care services aimed at treating conditions such as moles, acne, rashes, sun spots, itchy skin, and much more. Whether it’s simply dry skin or whether you’re suffering from skin cancer, we will evaluate you and recommend treatment to help improve your condition. Whenever possible, we take preventive measures to help your skin as early in the process as possible, procuring better results for you. 

We also specialize in treating children from newborn through age 18 with our pediatric care services. Common symptoms include acne, warts, Eczema, dry skin, and rashes. We also offer procedures such as laser surgery or acne scar revision when such a treatment option might be warranted. Small problems in children often become bigger problems in adults, so it’s important to treat any skin conditions as early as possible.

We also offer cosmetic services to help you look and feel your best. Among other conditions, we offer cosmetic solutions for the improvement of wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, Melasma, lumps and bumps, and much more. We have helped many of our patients find renewed confidence and self-esteem through our cosmetic services, and would love to do the same for you. Give us a call at 940-312-6767 or book your appointment online today.

With three locations in the area, we are here to serve you for all of your skin care needs. Whether you think you have a small issue or something larger, let us evaluate you and recommend the best treatment option. When it comes to skin care, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, as treatment rates are much higher the earlier a skin condition is found. 

Our providers are dedicated to their patients, providing the best in care and treatment. We look forward to helping you with your skin care needs!

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