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Precision Dermatology
2435 W. Oak Street
Suite 102
Denton, Texas 76201

(940) 312-6767

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Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm
New- Office now open until 7pm on Mondays! (phones still close at 4:30pm)


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Cosmetic, pediatric and surgical solutions are available for every member of your family when you work with the skin care specialists at Denton Dermatologist, Precision Dermatology.

The treatment of ailments, injuries and genetic conditions is made easy under one roof and with the trusted care of a group of doctors skilled in the treatment of the following conditions:

Itchy Conditions – possibly the most annoying symptom of skin ailments, itchy skin can cause uncomfort, embarrassment and lead to infections. Treating and understanding itchy skin is a core benefit of dermatology.

Bumps and Lumps – those pesky bumps that we just cannot quite figure out are typically a treatable condition with at-home treatment options.

Moles – monitoring, treating and removing moles are in-office treatments preformed and overseen by the skin care specialists in Denton.

Acne – diagnosing and treating acne in all ages of life is a service with various treatment options and medications.

Melasma – your dermatologist knows the safest and most effective treatment for the skin rash that shows itself with pigmentation deposits.

Rashes – everyday rashes can be treated with over-the-counter remedies, however, diagnosis and a consultation with your dermatologist is the best course to guarantee a rash will run its course.

Unusual Spots – the presence of spots of skin discoloration or moles can alter and change as we age or change our lifestyle conditions. Treatment and understanding of spots that cause question are performed in office at Precision Dermatology.

Hair Loss – alopecia is a condition that can be both reversible and permanent. Confirming and diagnosing the cause as early as possible is vital in the speedy recovery of hair loss.

Ring Worn – an itchy fungus that sometimes presents itself in a ring-like fashion that can simulate itself in many types of rashes is best diagnosed and treated in a speedy manner at your dermatologist office in Denton.

Dandruff – a common issue that can lower self-esteem and struggles to wear dark clothes, dandruff is a problem that sometimes needs prescriptions provided by your dermatologist to alleviate flaky skin.

Sun Spots – an inevitable skin condition when living in a hot climate, sunspots are unsightly and sometimes-dangerous skin spots that can be reduced in color by the treatment provided by Precision Dermatologists.

A variety of services are available and recommended through the skin care professionals in Denton, who hold a high standard of patient care and education to their name. Checking in with a dermatologist on areas of skin that concern you will benefit you and your family for the long run.

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