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Ringworm (Tinea) & Ringworm Treatment

Ringworm, or tinea, is a skin rash that can appear at any age and is typically itchy. Contrary to its common name, ringworm is not actually a worm; rather, it is a fungus that can be found in many places including on pets, floors or outside in the yard. Since it typically grows in a ring-like fashion (annular), the name ringworm is simply a descriptive term but not entirely accurate.

Ringworm, or tinea, can be treated by topical medications or pills, depending on the type of fungus and location.

Ringworm, or tinea, can simulate many types of rashes; therefore, it is important for you to see your dermatologist to make the diagnosis. It is common, even for expert dermatologists, not to make a firm diagnosis of this condition on the first visit due to its ability to be a chameleon of sorts.

Due to the difficulty in diagnosing this condition, it is important for you to see your dermatologist to help aid in identification and treatment.

Dermatology is the specialty that knows your skin the best. Don’t wait, call your dermatologist today.

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