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Melasma & Melasma Treatment

Melasma is a skin rash that shows up with pigmentation deposits usually located on the face. Commonly called the “Mask of Pregnancy”, this condition is more common in women and is typically associated with certain hormone levels (birth control pills, pregnancy), sun exposure and genetics.

This pigmented rash is HIGHLY sun sensitive, meaning that the sun keeps this rash dark and can overpower almost any treatment.

It is important for your dermatologist to diagnose this condition and provide the necessary balance of sun avoidance and treatments to help manage this condition.

Treatments consist of sun avoidance using many methods including sun block and pigment reducers including topical prescription creams, chemical peels and Fraxel Laser.

Did you know that there is a laser like device called “Intense Pulsed Light” or “IPL”, which can be used to treat this condition; however, in a small subset of patients, can actually make this condition WORSE? Your dermatologist does.

Dermatology is the specialty that knows your skin the best. Don’t wait, call your dermatologist today.

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