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Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

Keratosis Pilaris, or KP, is a skin rash that commonly presents on the upper outer arms, but can sometimes appear in other areas including the upper thighs and cheeks. Keratosis pilaris is a genetic condition passed down in a autosomal dominant fashion, meaning if you have this rash, one of your two parents must have at least a mild form of this condition and your children will have a 50% of having it as well.

This skin rash is usually made up of small hard bumps with a red edge and hard white center that can present as early as childhood; however, there are many other conditions that can look similar, so please have your dermatologist evaluate your rash to confirm the diagnosis.

Keratosis pilaris does not require treatment, but many patients like to treat it and there are options that exist and can partially improve this condition. If you want to treat this skin rash, call your dermatologist for an appointment.

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