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Birthmarks & Birthmark Removal

Birthmarks, or congenital lesions, are present at birth or shortly after. Birthmarks is a category of condition that include moles, hemangiomas, port wine stains, and other more rare birthmarks.

Many of these birthmarks are not dangerous, but some have implications in the short and/or long term that must be discussed. Have your dermatologist evaluate the birthmark to find out the details relevant in your case.

Did you know that there is a birthmark called a nevus sebacous that has a small risk of a skin cancer growing in it after reaching puberty? Did you know that hemangiomas can block vision or even occlude airways? Did you know that port wine stains in certain locations can lead to a higher risk of specific internal findings? Your dermatologist does.

Dermatology is the specialty that knows your skin the best. Don’t wait, call your dermatologist today.

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